Beszámoló a debreceni találkozóról


MEETING at 3 and 4 October 2013 Debrecen (Hungary)

first with the Board and the next day with the region leaders .

Present were

SLOVAKIA: Kiss Miklós

UKRAINE: Olasz Timea

ROMANIA (Oradea): Vincze Judit

ROMANIA (Cluj): Demeter Irén and Bartha Csaba

HOLLAND: Erika Stoffer and Aly Jurjens (wrote the report)

There is spoken in advance with Hungary

: Kutasiné Molnár Boglárka from Kaposmérő

Kutasiné Molnár Boglárka from Kaposmérő 0036-30-339-2261.

She is married, is a preacher, has no children. She is an official chatechets lector in her district. Her husband is a social worker in a nursing home, and firefighter. Her husband speaks German. She has a team of 4 people and who make a   Summer Camp program. The total employees are 20 people and there are 250 children every year from around the diocese.

There are 6 dekanaten where will be possible to organize presentation days of Vacation Bible Week. They are approached by Bishop Steinbach to get in contact with the people of the foundation KOEN. The Bishop paid the travel costs and asked her to make a report of our meeting. As the bishop may accept this work, they work freely throughout the whole diocese.

They made an evangelism plan because more and more families leave the Church. Within this plan would work the work of KOEN very well. Many people go abroad and there are many Roman Catholics (also In Austria, the majority is Roman Catholic).

Because of the economic situation, many people do not have more than one child.

Secularization also plays a large role. Bishop Steinbach would like to families and children back in the Church. We talk about the work of KOEN. Boglárka asked for a program but that's already at bishop Steinbach. 
Irén will her in autumn (end of October/November 2013) meet up to coach the group in the work of KOEN and will then take materials.

We started the meetings with reading in the Bible and prayer.
Afterwards there was a very important moment around “Joy and Sorrow”, which turned out to be


We look for another way of cooperation The Board remains consist of three persons and the Statute will not be changed but inan internal agreement between all the countries/groups. Only the others distinguish the three persons because they are competent to sign official papers.
Also be added 7 region leaders States. Each leader will have a private task. 

The board (three persons and 7 regional leaders) will have a meeting once a year-autumn.

Demeter Irénke, Aly Jurjens, Bartha Csaba, Molnár Éva, Olasz Timiea , Vincze Judith, Csányi Erzsébet, somebody from Cluj, somebody from Hungary, Erika Stoffer


  1. Judit Vincze

Collects the numbers of the children, groups etz

  1. Olasz Timiea


  1. Csaba Bartha


  1. Molnar Éva

organize presentation day

  1. Csányi Erzsébet

everything around the program

  1. Aly Jurjens


  1. Demeter Irén

Lector of the program, communication between members

We have also Group-leaders behind the Region leaders – people at the back, or near all these leaders in



Roemenië O:


Sft Georghe:


Targu Mures:



(We didn’t put names for the Group leaders)

Group leaders wil talk once a year together in springtime (central presentation day)

Brand name "KOEN"

We want the activities, which are done so many years, to be protected. So the intellectual property of KOEN (Netherlands) and KOEN Eastern Europe we have to put on paper and to let it signed.
That means that the product (the program as it stands) owned by KOEN Foundation and KOEN Alapítvány. It should be used for the Vacation Bible Week’s of KOEN in the year that KOEN organized this program. After all children workers can use it in their classes. It is important to use it in different ways, , but they are obligatory to mention that this is the KOEN program. So be clear for whom you work. 
We do not want to mix it with other work of other organizations.(VBW from HOE or CEF).

To KOEN Alapítvány are two ways to participate in the Vacation-Bible-week program it would be needed:

  1. as a member: accept the lines that are disabled by KOEN Alápitvany.
  2. as a partner(another organization e.g. CEF).

This includes the following:

-you may use the program

-you are required to come to the Central presentation day

-you pay all necessary materials

-there is no support from the Foundation over

-if you want to take part in a course/workshop you're welcome but you need to pay all the cost by yourself .

How should the program book looks:

The number of the “how many program” must be in front of the book.
logo KOEN Alapítvány

year , etc.

programs 2014-

a program is restyled. But Csanyi Elisabeth changes it so that it's a new program

Szalkay Elisabeth will translate the necessary text for 1 January 2014. 
2015-Translation work will be ready 1 January 2014.
2016-program for 2016 is decided in April 2014

If the text is ready for review should be sent to Irén (rough version-for the pressure)


We agree that everyone gives a financial report from 2013 sends to Bartha Csaba. : Number of books sold + number of children-cost (specify). He sends a copy of the account to Netherlands. So that KOEN Netherlands know how much money will be put on the bank account

Everyone makes the money from 2013 before 1 November 201to the SNS bank in Holland. .
Except for Slovakia. KOEN Holland will send an Invoice to Miklós Kiss (Firesz) for the number of children. Molnár Eva will transfer the money from the books sold itself to the bank account number in

Erika will email the correct bank details to each group.

The flow of money within Europe as much as possible through the bank. 
Cash for Ukraine and Serbia.
During the meeting in the spring and the autumn these countries bring the money cash. And if the foundation have to pay those countries they can also do it in spring or autumn.

What is on the money the central bank account in Cluj will be transferred to the SNS account in Netherlands. Apart from the books money for 2014  After that this bank account will be liquidated. ( March 2014)This money is put away, as a safe fund, and the board will decide from it.


the following action should be taken on by each group before 1 January 2014:

-they should specify the appropriate number of books (no more than what they have sold in 2013)

- if they want to increase for the Central presentation day more books than last year was sold then

that cost 5.00 euro and they should pay in Feketic when they get the books.

-If they still want that after the Central presentation day it is possible on the same conditions. (Before they have to pay the 5,00 for a book )

-Too make it possible that that there will be printed more books. The presentation days have to be before half of May,

KOEN Netherland has paid In 2013. 
Now is KOEN Alapítvány financially responsible and the new lines will be a tested in 2014.

If the total money (on the SNS bank account ) is not enough for the Central presentation , the KOEN Alapítvány can ask in a project to KOEN Netherland for money for a special project.

In late 2014 will this structure be evaluated.

Income for the future: We want to introduce a sponsored walk in Romania.

Erika will go to an elementary school in Holland to look for a document how to organize a sponsor walk.

Tasks KOEN Netherlands

- care of the flow of money to and from the SNS account

- projects.


Within the group will be appointed a person responsible in contact with the churches.

The cooperation agreements for the different churches are almost ready and will be send by KOEN Netherlands.

Until the contracts are signed, it is the responsibility of KOEN Netherlands. We will talk about it on the next meeting and it will be told who will take this task.

We ask if everybody wants to look and see if it is more possible that other churches are more welcome to the presentation days

-For every child who participates on a holyday bible week have to be paid. 
Even the children who are not reformed. Every Group has his own possibilities. 

Causes of the decreasing of the number of the children of the Bibleweeks:

-there are less children born

-Families immigrate

-incorrect numbers specified because one then have to pay less. 

To catch this problem we are going to do the following in 2014.
Ask if the people at just want to give the expected number of children, because there will be a surprise for each child.